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ISM Cricket League – A Corporate Event by Imtiaz

By January 8, 201933 Comments

Corporate events are a big deal when it comes to the development of an organization. At Imtiaz Super Market its management acknowledged the hard work its employees put forth for the benefit of the Company. Hence, it decided to plan a corporate event surrounding sports to celebrate. A cricket tournament was arranged; titled “ISM CRICKET LEAGUE”. It consisted of only Head Office colleagues, from various departments; HR, Audit, Procurement, Finance, IT, Marketing, Customer Care, along with tea boys, and peons. 


Imtiaz Super Market CRICKET LEAGUE

The event started off good, everyone was involved. There was a total of four teams competing against each other. Each team had a title; ISM Hawks, ISM Kings, ISM Tigers, ISM Shaheen, led by HR head, Marketing head, Category manager (health and beauty) and the fourth team was led by the GRN maker. Everyone was given a fair chance to become the lead or captain of the team. There was a competition but with positive vibes around. Everyone was excited, as it was a cricket tournament, and cricket is a sport that is loved by Pakistanis generically. The spirit and the passion people have for cricket is commendable.

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Almost 180 people were engaged in this tournament that was sponsored by in-house brands; Poonam, Oven Fresh, and Home Sense. The match started at around 7 pm and was fully active till morning; 5 am, all matches were fixed back to back. A fun part was when a poll was done before the match as a wild guess of which team will win. The results were somehow expected as per the hype. However, the final match and results of the back to back matches were totally unexpected, opposite of what we thought.



Trophies were given to the winning team and best performers alongside gifts to appreciate their enthusiasm. Some people got some serious injuries though. All the excitement and practices were worth the hard work put in the event. The event ISM League turned out to be amazing.


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