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What To Expect From A Year-End Sale On Perfumes At Imtiaz Super Market

By January 8, 2019No Comments

On the occasion of year-end, Christmas and New Year, Imtiaz Super Market brings you a sale to amaze you and your loved ones. With an enormous range of perfumes that you buy for yourself and others as gifts. Get ready to charm everyone with this season’s year-end sale of Imtiaz Super Market. You will witness all sorts of known brands and local ones, all with great fragrance.

For men, there is a variety of perfumes that have a masculine fragrance. This includes musky and woody fragrances, best suited for our male customers. All of these range from high to low prices that are suitable for any customer looking forth to purchase a good perfume.

Females are also lucky to avail amazing discounts on female-centric fragrances. Floral, sweet and light scented fragrances are a part of the deal in our perfume sale.

Some quick perfume tips as a bonus are shared below:

·         Use a bit of Vaseline, then spray the perfume on it any fragrance stays longer than expected.

·         Try applying perfume on the pressure points of your body for better results.

·         You can apply a bit of fragrance to your hair too, this will leave your hair fragranced as well.

·         Add a little perfume to your moisturizer, it will absorb the fragrance.

Imtiaz has a complete range of perfumes to serve all its consumers, whether you love the sharp or soft or floral fragrance you will never miss out on anything, we something for everyone because we value you. Stay in touch with us on our social media forums to know more about current promotions and giveaways.

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