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Imtiaz’s Expanded Line Of Categories Offering You The Best

By January 16, 20198 Comments
Imtiaz Super Market is the largest retailer in Pakistan. It holds a large inventory comprising of categories that are range from edible items to clothing and much more. All products in these categories range from high to low prices so that people can get a variety to choose from. It is not all and everything, it’s just the parent categories, that we have divided our brief things into a small segment.

Baby category

This includes everything, from baby care to newborn accessories. Diapers and wipes, bath and hygiene, skincare, powder and cologne, feeding accessories, gift sets, clothing, bedding and sleeping, walkers and strollers.

Beverages category

This category includes soft drinks, juices and mineral water, instant drinks, energy drink, tea, and coffee. All of these are by brands that are known internationally and locally.


This category includes bakery items; fresh and packed, desserts, cookies and biscuits, cake, sweets, nimko, chocolates, mint and gum, chips and cakes. All confectionary items are hygienically packed and placed.


All dairy items such as milk, cheese, cream, whipped toppings, butter, and margarine are provided at Imtiaz Super Market’s dairy section. The temperature settings for these items are taken care of by professional staff to maintain suitable temperature conditions for all dairy products.

DIY Category

The DIY section category includes all sorts of items. Understanding this, the store has subcategories for it including indoor sports/games, kids toys, outdoor sports/games, musical accessories, electronics hardware, media accessories, auto part accessories, camping accessories, stationery accessories, potable cots and beddings, wax and polish accessories, school accessories, fitness and exercise accessories, heavy and light toolkits, and home and office decorating accessories.

Grocery category

This category is further divided into sub-categories. Its first subcategory includes all sorts of pasta, cereal, canned fruit and vegetable, milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, honey, ready-made meals, and recipe mixes, canned seafood, olives, jam, jelly, chocolate spread, mayonnaise, peanut butter, sauces and dressing, condiments, ketchup, pickles, soups, flavoring, olive oil, other oils, cooking oil, ghee, flour, pulses, rice, sugar, grains and Imtiaz’s very own range of products under the name Poonam, Brios and fresh choice.


This category includes home and office appliances. From large to small appliances all are covered to fulfill possible electrical equipment needs. From kitchen appliances to office devices. Apart from these accessories for the same.

Fashion Goods and Accessories

This category includes a wide range of men, women and kids accessories. Including footwear, eyewear, clothing, jewelry, bags and wallets, wrist watches, eye lenses, and other fashion accessories, all updated alongside current fashion trends.

Fresh meat and vegetables

Healthy and hygienic items including bakery articles bread, bun, cake, biscuits, rusk, soup sticks, and croissant. This category also includes meat, poultry, fish and other exotic seafood. Other fresh items include eggs, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Health and Beauty

Under this category, all personal hygiene, fragrance, skincare, haircare, and oral care products are present in an enormous variety to choose from. To name some cotton swabs, talcum powders, cosmetics accessories, facial care, eye care, lip care, nail care, gift sets, hairbrush and accessories, aromatics, traditional ittar, deodorants, adult diapers, shaver and trimmer, hairdryer and straightener, soaps, shampoo, and conditioner, hair colors and treatment, hair mousse and spray, hair gel and wax, body care lotion, body wash, and shower gel, dental floss, shaving accessories, sanitary pads, hair removing cream, hair oil, toothpaste, hand wash, sanitizers, mouth wash, toothbrush, and bath accessories.

House Hold

This category includes cutlery, and crockery, home textile, furniture and fixtures, kitchen accessories; storage box and basket, kids dining, towels, seating furniture, water bottles, BBQs range, clock and lamp, cutlery/utensils, pots and pans, cookware, bowls jugs and glasses, salt pepper and pots, plates dishes and trays, cups and mugs, kettle and flask, tableware, cooler and icebox, bottles and jars, kitchen towel, apron, and gloves. Under homeware; table mat, and coaster, dinner sets, misc. sets, other accessories, bed sheets, and pillow, robe hooks and hangers, table stand and cupboards, mats, and rugs, blankets, décor, and storage appliances, bedding, and mattress are few to name. This category is not short of travel equipment either including luggage-travel bags and cases, hand-carry and other such travel accessories.

Cleaning Category

This category includes laundry, disposable and household cleaning items. Local and imported items are all stocked; detergent powder and liquid, toilet, and surface cleaners, tissue box, napkins and rolls, disposable crockery and cutlery, bags and cases, brushes and accessories, liquid cleaners, insecticides, dishwashing detergent, air freshener, stain remover, bleach, starch and color, polish and accessories, fabric softener and freshener, foils and wrap car air freshener. These are day to day usage items needed for use.


All items that are related to health and fitness surrounding wellbeing are present under this category. Medicines, syrups, health and management devices, medicated oil, nutrition supplements, surgical and other medical disposable supplies and accessories are conveniently available at the store.

Hosiery and other comfort wear

Including men’s section, kid’s section and women’s section this category includes; pants and trousers, tracksuits and casual, shirts and t-shirts, coats and jackets, kids undergarments, kurta, kurtis, shawl and sweaters, trousers, boutiques suits, pajama/shalwar, sleepwear, shalwar kameez stitched, suits unstitched lawn suits, ladies undergarments, men undergarments, gowns, and robes.
All of that has been shared above is just a highlight of what Imtiaz Super Market has in store for you. There is much more that you will discover each time you visit as the category keeps growing every time.


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