Party Time With Mangoes At Imtiaz Super Market

By July 9, 2019No Comments

Yellow, sweet and juicy mangoes are utterly mouth-watering. All fruits are delicious, but there’s just something about mangoes that you cannot resist. Throughout the year, seasons for particular fruits come and go, but when mango season is people specifically wait for the majestic fruit. And as Pakistanis, we are lucky because to have homegrown mangoes ranking the best in the world.

Apart from the fact that they are super tasty, they are also amazing for your health. Mangoes contain a fair amount of nutrients and vitamins including vitamin c, potassium, riboflavin, magnesium and many more. It also contains small amounts of phosphorus, calcium, selenium, and iron.

We know how beneficial mangoes are and how much everyone waits for it throughout the year, which is why we ensure that the best quality mangoes are available at all stores of Imtiaz Super Market. A wide assortment of mangoes including; Sindhri, Chaunsa, Langra, Dasheri, Anwar Ratol, Desi, Laal Badshah, Neelum and Totapuri that are delicious are freshly available at Imtiaz Super Market.

Apart from just making these delicious and freshly available for our customers, Imtiaz Super Market is also dedicating a whole week for mango lovers known as “Mango Celebration Week” in which all stores will be displayed exclusively with fresh mangoes and discount offers on all mango products. Mango season is always great, make it the best with Imtiaz Super Market.

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