Queue Management At Imtiaz Has Never Been Better

By July 22, 20192 Comments

The worst thing about post shopping in a supermarket is standing in queues. Standing behind a whole line of people, waiting for them to get all their purchases checked out is frustrating. Especially when you only have few products to get billed. But you don’t need to stress anymore. Imtiaz Super Market has worked on plans and organizational schemes specifically for efficient queue management just so you can have a stress-free shopping experience.

One of the ways to speed up processes is by ensuring the staff members performing duty on cash counters are fast and efficient with their work so the customers don’t get frustrated while waiting in lines for ages, cash counters have also been divided based on client categories for further ease. Apart from the regular cash counters that are available in every supermarket, express counters for those with lesser products are there to prevent annoyance and unnecessary waiting. In addition, a special counter for aged clients; the senior citizens have been set up.

Another plan in the process by Imtiaz Super Market is to make things even easier by introducing ‘MOBILE POS’. An mPOS (mobile point of sale) is a when a phone or tablet is dedicated to check out purchases and perform the functions usually done at a cash counter, that too wirelessly. Basically, instead of you walking to the counter, now the counter is going to walk towards you.

Let alone waiting in a queue, you don’t even have to stand in a queue anymore. Wherever you are in the store and have made your purchases but are in a hurry, you can request a staff member with an mPOS to cash you out from there. This is just perfect for when you only stopped by to make a quick purchase of one or two items.

To make this more practical if a staff member sees you standing the line with your few purchases and notices you being unaware of the facility, they themselves will walk up to you to make your life easy and cash you out as soon as possible. One staff member at every two cash counters will be assigned so there will never be an issue of feeling left behind as a customer.

Imtiaz Super Market cares about your convenience and has proved by updating its services every now and then.


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