Can you really manage picnic fun & office routine altogether

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Hello friends, we are back with a new topic, and today we will be discussing picnics and fun…

So, are you a picnic lover?

Can you really manage picnic fun and office routine altogether?

Normally we all need a break from our hectic yet boring routine, boring because there are people who want change in their routine, and if they don’t get that particular change they use to be at their weakest point, they become fragile and want to quit.

So, apparently change is what everyone needs once a while, an opportunity to prove that they can to be experimental, sometimes we need to switch, its not that we should be expert, but trial and for a changing job change or role change even if its for a day, one should try, it gives us a chance to learn something new, also if incase that what we feel from a distance about the ease and about the job that how great other work is and our job is so…. This opportunity makes us learn that everyone has a skill of dealing with the scenario.

Anyways, our topic is an annual picnic and being a super market, like Imtiaz super market, a super market which works like every day which is open and serving its customers like anything, it feels really odd, do these people take a break ever? And so many more questions arise, along with people being exhausted and yes people do get exhausted because everyone needs a break once a while.

The head office also works for 6 days a week, but this week was exceptional as this week we all worked for 5 days because yes, we had our annual picnic day, which half of us enjoyed by staying at home and half of the staff enjoyed partying at the destination.

Talking about the destination, it was a dream world. Personally, I don’t like a dream world, because I feel like there are so many restrictions for an outsider, you can not really enjoy the things and facilities they offer, you can only roam around the place, like walk, more walk, and some more walk…. 😀

This time when we visited dream world, the weather betrayed us, usually, these days morning is so cool, but that particular morning was a bit rough, we reached office at 8 am because we have to reach at dream world at 9 am for the breakfast. They have a variety even in the breakfast, but what I feel is that the more variety you have, the more tasteless is becomes.

Anyways, the road trip the bus and the fun in the bus was amazing, as our team was the one dancing and singing so we really didn’t feel the distance was long, and omg the punctuality of timings was amazing, dot 8 am the bus was full of people and was about to leave, but we have to ask them to wait for a few people as they were late, so we waited for 10mins and then the bus left. Same in the evening bus left dot at 5 pm because we have to reach here at 6 pm. (Here means head office)

The sun was fully in the mood to burn us all, but our strength was way more than that, so we had a lot of fun along with the sunburn 😀

Things that were allowed to do and we did are in details so please keep reading and let me know how much do you agree and can relate to our story?

Do you guys like the dream world?

Oh, just by the way, in this official office picnic, the family was allowed, we could have brought 2 more people with us, and it wasn’t for free, we will have to pay 2100 for anyone we were thinking to bring along.

I was only excited to take the horse ride and pictures with the horse because there is a proper staircase which leads you to the horse height and makes easy for you to sit on a horse. As a person I am hell scared for horse ride but I want to experience it, so when we reach there and after breakfast, I thought of going for a horse ride, but then thanks to the hot weather…. Horse riding was available but due to the garmi, we didn’t take a horse ride.

What else was allowed? Let me think … ummm….

Wave pool, where we enjoyed a lot, underwater pictures and whatnot, in the pool we felt way better, but the water had extra chlorine and bitter water, even if accidentally you have it in your mouth you will feel yakh…. 😀 Still the experience was outstanding.

Within the departments, we have a singing competition too. some of them have a soft voice for songs whereas others have (phatadhol) sorry for the weird word (:D evil laughs) but yeah, some singers are really bathroom singers and should remain that way 😀

Lunch break, the time of lunch was almost closed, so we took a lunch break and had a lot of Gulab jamun, because as I have mentioned earlier that when you have a lot to choose from the taste automatically disappear. Desserts were really good and the food was okayish…

After that, we left for having some more experience because why not if we are on the picnic, we should explore….

Boating was also allowed and yes, we did take a boat ride too… It wasn’t a good experience because the boats were damage and pedals are very hard to push.

After boating, we all decided to go for horse riding but its way to long, as told you all you have to walk and walk, it was like going from east to west, and due to our extreme climate change, we were all drained in the middle of that way.

On looking right and left we felt that the bowling alley was nearby which was also opened for us, but then again when we arrived the time for bowling was over bad luck 😛

We were overtired because we had fun even on Friday night, we went ocean mall, and that’s another topic which we will cover later on in another blog, so for that stay with us…

So, after all of that, we went to the café where we sat and had a tea break which was basically the end of our picnic, we sat, drank and we talked and talked.

On our way back we all were so freaking tired that halfway we slept and on reaching office we all felt like we are not part of this universe 😀

So, this was the end and a wrap of how we had celebrated our official picnic of Imtiaz super market head office.

Let us know in the comment section below about your picnics and how you all enjoy and do on picnics.

Until next time 😊

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