A tribute to our heroes on Defense Day

By September 6, 2019No Comments

Our freedom is our biggest blessing but unfortunately, it is that one thing we take for granted. There are so many countries that are still in a state of havoc and destruction and we are lucky enough to not be one of them and for this, we have our army and our defense forces to thank.

Ensuring peace and security, these people dedicate their lives to fight against the evil forces and protect us without caring about their own lives. Time and time again, our military and defense have put our lives above their own, the 1965 war was one in which we lost countless dedicated members of our defense forces. In memory of the sacrifices that our military forces made that year and how bravely they defended this beloved land, we celebrate Defense Day every year in Pakistan.

This tribute not only reminds us of the continuous efforts of our military forces, but it also inspires the young generation and develops feelings of patriotism and bravery amongst all Pakistanis. To commemorate this, Defense Day is celebrated each year on the 6th of September across Pakistan.

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