Imtiaz Super Market’s First Ever Bloggers Meetup!

By December 24, 201922 Comments

A successful blogger meetup was held by Imtiaz Super Market at the Arena club. It was a focus group session in which all the makeup and elite class brands were discussed along with all the brands that a common man would love to use was also the part of the table talk session along with a news flash. The news flesh was created because we wanted everyone to get ready for a Makeup Madness Festival flat 50% OFF is Coming Soon in Stores.

The purpose was to know the mindset of the consumer and the influencer. When it comes to choosing makeup why don’t they select Imtiaz Super Market as the best place to choose and shop cosmetics. There was a complete discussion about the reasons and the criteria range along with the assortment. Then there was a rapid-fire to know whether they know the following brands or no. surprisingly half of them know 80% of the brand names but 20% was still unknown.

Imtiaz Super Market has genuine products but people think its fake or replica. Before announcing the mega event, it was important to have a survey and to create awareness about makeup. Before claiming it was a necessary step to try to change mindset regarding makeup. So, the idea was to gather all the influencers of the K-town and have an exciting yet amazing makeup discussion in which everyone participated.

A special thanks to the bloggers who showed up and made it a successful event. It was such a pleasure meeting and knowing so many amazing people working so hard to teach what they know about the brand and details of how to use the products even the side effects if any caused.

After the event, everyone was curious to know the news flash the dates of makeup madness because who doesn’t like to buy makeup, and when such discounts are offered then why not, we are sure that you might be excited to see what this event has in store for you.

The craziest event, the talk of the town to be, and the most powerful event of the year is about to hit your nearest branch. So, stay tuned with us to know more about this amazing event that we are going to see in the history of Pakistan and Imtiaz Super Market.

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