Throw Some Confetti In The Air & Celebrate Eid 2020 Like No Other!

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There is a first time for everything, and so is for this year’s Eid. It may not be as social as expected but we can still make the most of it with all that we already have; the love we can share with our family and friends.

The ease of the lockdown has already bought joy and we are sure that there is a lot more positivity coming our way, we just need to be patient and the doors to happiness will continue to open as we make it through the big day; Eid. To make the most of your awaited Eid day, we have a few ideas that you might love to add to your to-do list.

Pray together stay together

During the lockdown, we were surrounded by our family, and we all know we’ve come much closer amid the most depressing times. To celebrate the blessing of having a family by your side nothing could be better than to offer Eid prayers together at home.

Bon Appetit with a classy buffet this Eid

Eid lunch is special, there is a variety of authentic food served. However, why not try a few more from other cultural cuisines like continental, or western. You can set up a beautiful lunch table with a buffet, glamorizing it with flowers, fancy cutlery, and props.

Believe in your selfie

We all just love to post our selfies on social media, let’s make the most of it this Eid. Flaunt your gorgeous outfits, makeup, and keep it chic this Eid with a stylish selfie. After all, a day with a perfect selfie is truly an accomplishment for selfie fanatics.

Brighten your Eid with a good deed

Eid may be a celebration of all the good we’ve done during Ramadan, but that does not mean we stop here. We should continue the good reviving religious practices daily by reading the Quran, giving Zakat, practicing tolerance, helping others, and much more.

Regardless of the global pandemic, it has been evident that Muslims can never surrender their religious obligations. For many, Ramadan during COVID – 19 has given them a chance to change for the good. Ramadan is a month to be treasured this Eid as we have fought our way through the darkest times the world has ever faced. Let’s toss some confetti in the air and celebrate this Eid with all that we have since this Eid is sure to be like no other!

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