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The year 2020 started pretty tough for people around the globe. Not much good was expected as the pandemic kept extending month after month. However, by August things have turned better, and social life has returned to normal leaving people joyous. Along the lines of happiness, another good news popped out; the Launch of Imtiaz Mega in Islamabad. Here is a look at the event highlights marking history in Islamabad on the 21st of August, 2020.

The event started with positive energy surrounding the venue on a blessed Friday. It was filled with excitement gushing joy amongst the crowd. Speaking of the venue, decorations were esthetically fun and welcoming. The branch was filled with branded decorations, specific colors mustard and blue were used to embrace the brand identity. Imtiaz #NEWONE – the new logo was embedded everywhere to flash as a recall. Alongside this, a strong protocol awaited outside and within the branch to guide people as they walked.

Heartwarming words were communicated by Mr. Imtiaz Abbasi that moved and motivated people attending the event. Several influencers visited the launch with great zeal and endorsed Imtiaz for its reputation in the market and the great work it had put forth for the betterment of the community. The occasion was packed with fun-filled engaging activities including exciting gifts, bumper prize, and so much more.

People liked the fact that as they stepped inside there was a lot of space in between aisles. Hence, Imtiaz Mega provided shoppers a convenience to shop with all the space they need. Another amazing fact was that since this is a Mega format having 24 counters in total placed, this helped customers avoid the wait, a feature of the branch that impressed the visitors immensely. Categories present included health and beauty, fresh – produce and meat, pharmacy, crockery, kitchen stuff and appliances, sport goods, electronics, including Imtiaz’s very own brands and the famous Bakings amongst many other present. There was a world for fashionistas, too, as the branch existed of a wide assortment of apparel, shoes, bags, and other accessories not just for men and women but also for kids. Holding a variety from top tier brands to loingcal ones, Imtiaz Mega had it all to be admired by the customers.

The event was packed with excitement in the beginning and led to a happy ending with an overwhelming response by the visitors. Imtiaz’s team felt extremely proud to have such great support and love from the audience present at the event and customers from across Pakistan reaching out with their kind words on Imtiaz’s digital platforms. The new branch at Islamabad has it all, so don’t forget to visit Imtiaz Mega at GT road, plot 5, sector A DHA phase II, with your family and friends. We wish you have a happy shopping experience at this newly opened branch filled with an amazing assortment and ambiance to wow!

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