Get Monsoon Ready with Sabiha’s Fashion Forward Lookbook!

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A balance between couture and comfort during monsoon is a challenge. It is season surrounding with pitter-patter incoherence to its attributes alongside putting together a fashion-forward outfit that fits this season’s needs.

The unpredictable season calls to get monsoon ready as the playful season comes hand in hand with a careful selection of a wardrobe incorporating the season’s essentials. On this very note, lo and behold Sabiha’s picks to inspire you this monsoon where we have something for every day. Here is a look book of our MONSOON READY picks, where we have something for every day.

  1. Basic Embroidered Kurta

Beauty in black this Basic Embroidered Kurta is a good pick for a statement look.

  1. Embroidered Woven Kurta

Get a delicate fern printed Embroidered Woven Kurta embracing a semi-formal look.

  1. Woven Embroidered Top

Look colorful in culture with this Woven Embroidered Top.

  1. Georgette Basic Top

Capture a classy look in this Georgette Basic Top.

  1. Embroidered Woven Kurta

Keep it light with this delicate soft colored Embroidered Woven Kurta.

  1. Georgette Basic Top

Turn heads around with this Stunning Georgette Basic Top.

  1. Embroidered Woven Kurta

Stand out in this uniquely designed Basic Embroidered Woven Kurta.

  1. Georgette Embroidered Top

Go with the flow with this Georgette Embroidered Top to set your style this season.

  1. Checkered Fusion Top

Flaunt a casual look this season in a Checkered Fusion Top.

  1. Embroidery Woven Kurta

Speak your style with this gorgeous Embroidery Woven Kurta.

  1. Basic Jacquard Kurta

Glam it up with green, styling your outfit with this Basic Jacquard Kurta.

The weather may be gloomy and impossible to venture out for shopping. However, thanks to Sabiha’s online shopping portal now you can shop from right where are you with ease. We hope you love our picks, happy monsoon!


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