Imtiaz Super Market Launches its YouTube Channel!

By September 20, 201910 Comments

Marketing a brand or a product is easy these days since there are so many channels to get a start with. Imtiaz Super Market a well-known brand doesn’t need any introduction since it is the biggest retail chain of supermarkets also being the pioneer in Pakistan. As a supermarket, we have recently activated ourselves on all the social media channels/platforms to let the people and audience know more about what’s going on at our branches, latest updates, and upcoming events. We are launching a new themed magazine each week that has the latest discounted promotions. Also, a lot more options and features are constantly being offered for the customers.

We have recently started our YouTube Channel in which we promote new stuff, new products, tips, and a lot more to be coming up. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet please do so, also don’t forget to click on the bell icon to be updated with all the hacks, tips, and recipes coming soon your way. We already had a strong presence on other social media platforms including Facebook, which has a huge audience and the response we get is amazing. Same is the case with Instagram, the love of customer that we receive through the platform is worth the efforts we put in, the feedback is amazing, even people are noticing our presence on Twitter and other platforms, such as BlogSpotWordPress, our own website, Pinterest, and so many more just to get closer to our audience to get a real-time response on everything that we plan and practically do.

This way we interact with people and they give us suggestions on which we work or at least give them the idea of resolving their issues and send some amazing gifts to our amazing audience as a token of appreciation. Every week we cater activities on all the channels on which our beautiful audience actively takes part, gives suggestions through the inbox, complains as well, and that’s how we are growing strong on social media and getting close with our beautiful customers. Imtiaz is in every home, whether you shop or not, you already know about it and that’s the beauty of our well-known brand.

Our YouTube Channel is just a newborn channel and we are doing a lot of effort to make it amazing for the viewers. On subscribing to the channel, we have selected few people on a random basis and surprised them with amazing gifts. So, if every one of you, will press the bell icon and keep yourselves updated with us, we will surprise you more with amazing and innovative ideas along with giveaways. Pouring in ideas and suggestions of what you want to see more and what you need to know more about our branches, products, head office, hacks or any other thing you like to see are always welcome through inbox or comments.

We have a lot on the plate to serve you, which we will be doing live soon, in the near future. For now, leave the comment and suggestion, also leave your reviews so that we can grow more and be better to serve you better.


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