Imtiaz Super Market x Hardee’s Collaboration

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Everyone loves a day off from the kitchen once in a while, especially when out for grocery shopping. Because yes, it is quite a tiring process and after all that shopping you might need a timeout. Luckily, Imtiaz Super Market has got you covered with an offer Shop and Earn a meal!

If you are not aware of this collaboration then let us tell you all about it here. Imtiaz Super Market has its loyalty program for all the customers who are a constant visitor and a constant shopper of Imtiaz Super Market. Initially, this program was only having points; to buy and get points. That was somewhere somehow boring and quite common, so they have come up with something new and exciting. 

Last time, last year 2019 – Imtiaz Super Market collaborated with Hardees to try and test out the results and responses of the loyal customers (who are using our loyalty card or keychain) and normal customer (who are still not availing our loyalty program perks) who visit our branches and are still not aware of our loyalty program. These facilities and collaborations with different ventures are to attract and to enhance our loyalty program. The response from the trial – collaboration with Hardees was amazing, and that is why Imtiaz Super Market has once again collaborated with Hardees to treat you more special.

The response was so incredible by the loyal customer and customers that they couldn’t wait to ask for the procedure of how to get enrolled in our loyalty program. As soon as the coupons ended, customers couldn’t wait for something new and more coming their way. So, this year they have upgraded all the deals and have bought amazing and exclusive deals which are valid till march 31st 2020 for now, and in the future, new deals will also come so don’t lose your hopes.

Imtiaz Super Market and Hardees both together have come up with exciting offers and free ice creams for the customers having the coupons. On purchase of 5000 at Imtiaz Super Market (which is a normal limit – as entering there where you can get whatever you want all the categories to choose from so many brands to try on you cannot leave that place that early) you will get the coupons and if you are not a loyal customer than please get yourself registered as new things are coming up your way.

Imtiaz Super Market is constantly striving for new milestones and is doing new things to satisfy and to benefit its customers and employees. Imtiaz Super Market didn’t stop there, it is planning and doing more for the loyalty program for its loyal customers. So get yourself enrolled now and enjoy the perks of being our loyal customer.

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