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Brands That Are Participating in E2020!

By January 30, 202012 Comments

In our last blog, we have disclosed the new and biggest electronic sale which will be live at branches from 1st Feb 2020 till 10th Feb 2020, name of the campaign is E2020 because we needed something new, well other names were suggested too, like Megatron, Electron20, Tech20 sale, electronic gala, electronic sales, Electronic Bazaar and so on. Today in this blog we shall be revealing some of the top brands that are participating in this E2020 high voltage discounts on electronics up to 60% at Imtiaz Super Market.

In this E2020, where we will be having up to 60% off on electronic items, we have Westpoint on top, as this campaign E2020 is powered by Westpoint. We will also share the top 10 products that you should buy from Imtiaz Super Market. So, keep a notepad with you to note the list so that you won’t miss out on anything important. Westpoint is giving us some major discounts, you really need to make some serious decisions, don’t miss out when you have 10 days to think and buy.

After Westpoint we have the brand Nokia. Yes, Nokia phones are on sale too you can grab and gift it to someone you want. Any girl’s favorite brand Remington is also available in this sale. Now, why did I say girl’s favorite, well because Remington is very popular among the girls for hair care essentials? it is a bit expensive compared to other brands, but it is worth it, as it has long-lasting results and durability. Listen and choose wisely because it is on sale from 1st Feb till 10th Feb so, you can grab your favorite hair care product from the brand Remington.

Anker is next on our list, we’ve personally heard a lot about Anker. If you haven’t encountered using it personally yet but if it is so popular among the people than it surely has something good. So, if you are a tech lover and if you know details about the brand Anker than do comment down below about your favorite product from this brand. Help others to get some really good stuff from the sale, and help them create their bucket list of good tech products. 

Audionic, a brand that sells fantastic, high-quality sound systems that are the companion of your entertainment anytime anywhere is also available on discount and this is surely not to be missed out on. The quality of Audionic products is really good.

More brands are yet to be disclosed soon, don’t forget to comment down below your opinion and what else you want to hear from us.


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