Anticipating The Launch Of Sabiha’s- Women’s Clothing Gushing Positive Vibes!

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Suaad has been the highlight of Imtiaz’s social media forums for quite some time ensuing engagement that has been exciting yet funny at the same time. Sabiha’s designs respectably portray women with a vision of gentle femininity with strength. However, with the evolution, the regular traditional style of women has evolved with time. With the emergence of versatility, the edgy yet bold style has been elevated in the fashion scene. This means that the overall style of Pakistani women has expanded with the passage of time.

Considering the fact that cultural dresses have been evolved from its form of the aristocracy to fewer formalities enhancing the modern perception of contemporary fashion needs. With the launch of Sabiha’s, we can hope the line to be luxe yet easy to wear as a trademark for any given eastern and western clothing existing in Pakistan.

Teasers of the collection reflect a series of ceremonial and casual clothing from which we can make out that the line is a mix of all possible styles. In terms of traditional clothing, we are hoping to see a reflection of Pakistani authentic eastern styled couture. Hence, the clothing line must embody traditional Pakistani attire depicting comfortable fabrics with embellishments such as mirror and beadwork, colorful lace, tassel latkans, wooden buttons, on culturally styled garments.

Another highlight of Sabiha’s soon to come apparel is visible with a nontraditional top posted, we can see the flowy fabric designed with a pussy-bow blouse hinting an addition of western clothing as well. An intermix style of fashion is sure to be big news for fashion fanatics to get all their fashion needs under one roof.

Evaluating the stats we’ve concluded that Sabiha’s is a fashion apparel brand that can excite women’s fashion choices for the very next day. It gushes a positive view on dull unpredictable days anticipated by its very catchy tagline “Rahay Her Roz ka Intezar”. As many await this mysterious women’s apparel

brand by Imtiaz it’s a must to share the launch date of this collection, we are hoping its launch to raid our stores this weekend since we feel the wait must come to a close

It is always a pleasure to visit Imtiaz Super Market’s store. With the addition of said women’s apparel line, we are hoping to find another reason to shop from this retail giant.

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