Sabiha’s Diary; The Real Deal After The Post-Launch!

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Sabiha’s launch last weekend set the fashion scene ablaze. Its prelaunch teasers kept the audience speculating the apparel line to be nothing short of a traditionally designed eastern attire. However, the homegrown brand offered much more than expected. Conveying a strong message with its tagline “Rahay Roz Ka Intizar”, we have been assured that the apparel brand is certainly not short of uniquely styled couture to suit any given day. From a wide range of diversified themes, it has something for everyone personifying as a versatile clothing brand.

The apparel line offers intermix clothing that is suited not just for all fashion styles but also considers the different tastes and personalities of women. From elegant formal attire to casual western wear, the line has a variety to offer. The brand has diversified its themes; Fusion, Eastern & Western, each portraying excellence to adore.

Reinventing a style that is a perfect blend of East and West; Fusion portrays the evolution of cultural dresses in a more contemporary style. Transitioning square hems to round, regular sleeves to rolled sleeves and incorporating western-styled collars on traditional Kurtis, Sabiha’s; Fusion is the perfect example of retro with a twist. Comfort with style is what modern women needs, and Sabiha’s recognizing this need, has dominated the brand list of the new age women.

In case you are looking for authentic clothing that represents traditionally designed apparel with intricated techniques Sabiha’s is the one for you. Gowns, long Kurtis, embellishments with beadwork, latkans and other hand-crafted ornaments in the Eastern line, symbolizes the essence of Pakistani apparel for women. Not to forget its best feature with the convenience of ready to wear traditionally designed dresses helping to save time visiting the seamstress for formal occasions.

Moving on to evaluate its Western theme, it includes modern yet modest attire designed to style your contemporary look, it has everything you need in a western couture wardrobe. Best highlights of this theme include pussy-bow blouses, doodled embroidery on gathered tops, flowy fabrics and exuberant colors adding a flair of jazz to your everyday look.

There are plenty of other local fashion brands in Pakistan showcasing their work, however, Sabiha’s is far better in terms of quality, design, and style. The brand understands its customers and caters to them exactly the way they expect. Reviews of the apparel brand have been outstanding so far. Sabiha’s is a fresh brand but has embarked on a strong fan base forecasting promised success in the near future.

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