Imtiaz Super Market’s Take On COVID – 19; Making A Difference In The Community!

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COVID has become a global pandemic as a fatal disease. Soon after the very first case was reported, innumerable precautions have been circulated as public service messages by the Government across Pakistan. Following numerous death reports, a Countrywide lockdown was announced urging people to stay indoors to protect themselves from getting infected.

However, everyday grocery is a part of any commoner’s livelihood that cannot be avoided. This aspect was deeply considered and hence led the government to exempt many businesses including retail stores from the lockdown. This news was a relief but also made people anxious if they were safe enough to do grocery outdoors.

To overcome public concerns related to the safety of health, Imtiaz Super Market pledged to serve as a responsible retailer providing a safe environment for its customers to shop within stores. Imtiaz Super Market, identified to be a domicile retail store has been operating as per its standard routine amidst Corona.

The retail giant has placed several standees illustrating precautions on how COVID-19 can be prevented. The urge of a restricted number of people visiting the stores and restrictions on children and senior citizens attending their branches has been a good initiative to stopover any possible traces of virus to spread that can be caused with heavy masses attending stores. Imtiaz Super Market likewise practiced fair distribution requesting customers to refrain from bulk purchase controlling a state of panic across Pakistan. A highlight of its publicly shared precautions is below which also had an Urdu version of the same to communicate the intermix audience:

·        All stores of Imtiaz Super Market are open across Pakistan.

·        Stock is available on all of our branches.

·        We request only two people per family to visit our stores at a time.

·        Children and senior citizens are requested to refrain from visiting our stores.

·        Customers are requested to refrain from the purchase of stock in bulk.

Initiatives to fight against Corona have been practically practiced by the distribution of pamphlets entailing Corona Virus and its precautions sited at all its branches. Another visible highlight of Imtiaz’s precautionary practices is the consistent exercise of maintaining a hygienic environment within the very premises of all its branches, warehouses and its corporate head office in Karachi.

The epidemic of COVID-19 has been the talk of the town globally. It is difficult to interpret its massive spread, however, with consistent practice of precautions this fatal disease can be prevented.

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