Social Distancing – Holding Back Will Only Help Us Move Forward!

By April 1, 20203 Comments

COVID has now become the talk of the town globally. Series of fatal outcomes caused by this contagious virus has spun a panic across the globe. It has completely changed our lifestyle setting new priorities in terms of socializing, considering social distancing to be a prime priority.


Social distancing is an essential precaution to be practiced amidst COVID-19. It is suggested to maintain a distance of about 1 meter, at least to avoid any possible transition of the virus. Social gatherings are also prohibited in correspondence to the same.


Disconnecting at this time of need when we most need people to support us is difficult. However, we do not see the bigger picture. Social distancing is only limited to physical distancing, we can still stay connected with people around us to stay optimistic.


These troublesome days have taught us how to stay positive. Staying connected via social media forums, virtual gatherings and other such ways have bought a lot of blessings along, few that are worth mentioning have helped uplift our spirits amid Corona are;


Recognizing support on social media forums 


With strict precautions to avoid large gatherings, it has become difficult to celebrate our friendships and love for our family. The possibility to be physically outdoors has restricted our expression of appreciation we have for others. However, Social media has showcased its power enough during the COVID-19 pandemic. People have become more active on social media platforms to connect to their family and friends, helping release anxiety sharing their experiences and thoughts with others virtually.


Recognizing the strength while maintaining distance


Before the outbreak of Corona, we never realized that distance can make relations stronger. This very situation of practicing social distance has conveyed the strength of the message embodies. Staying far away for the rightful purpose of keeping oneself and others safe, only serves as a deed that is pure, holding a strong sense of strength. Practicing social distancing has, in fact, lead us all to stay united as a human race.


Recognizing the world as a community


During these dark days, the entire world has proved to be in close ties. The value of togetherness and love sent across the globe form one corner to another is enough to state that the entire world is a community altogether. Immense support has been witnessed that has been exceptionally encouraging for us all. It has helped us to stand strong during difficult times.


Experts around the world believe that social distancing, practiced with the thought of isolation is harmful. It is bad for our wellbeing, both physical and mental. However, to end the ongoing fatal disease, we need to be resilient overcoming despair of strict precautions. To stay positive, we must look at the bright side, understanding that holding back will only help us move forward.

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