Imtiaz’s Easy Qurbani Service for Eid-Ul-Adha – Religious Practice Now A Convenience!

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Eid-Ul-Adha is a significant event for Muslims around the world. It marks the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim for the love of Almighty Allah. Hence, since then the traditional practice of sacrificing halal animals specifically; goat, cow, sheep, or camel is a must on people who are eligible for Qurbani. Preparations for this event are wholeheartedly performed by Muslims. The planning for the selection of the type of halal animal as per shariah is selected, purchased, taken care of, and then slaughtered on Eid Days.

Qurbani is an entire process and performing it a sacred task. During COVID – 19, Qurbani has now become much difficult considering proper hygiene, and time as a major responsibility to be fulfilled. However, this is a task that has been taken care of by Imtiaz’s revolutionary Easy Qurbani Service.

It is an astounding service introduced for the very first time in Pakistan by Imtiaz Super Market for the convenience of Muslims wishing to perform Qurbani in a halal, hygienic, and shariah-compliant manner. Easy Qurbani by Imtiaz Super Market is a reliable service by this notorious giant. Individuals who intend to avail this offer need to go through a step by step, extremely simple process.

Registration is the first step, Imtiaz’s Gulshan and DHA branches in Karachi are open for registrations until the limit reaches 3000, after which no registrations for the Qurbani service will be accepted. The easy Qurbani form is limited to 5 Qurbani animals (goat only) per CNIC. Additional information requires simple details broadly highlighting the name, contact details, CNIC, number of animals, pick up day and time. Here, time for the pickup is dependent on the slots available based on first come first serve policy which will be active on the first and the second day.

Place of pickup of Qurbani meat (goat only) while registering is a true convenience, you can either get it received from the same branch you are registering at or mention the other, but you only have a choice between Imtiaz’s Gulshan or DHA branch. In case you are wishing to do Qurbani on behalf of another individual that can be mentioned in the form as well to cater to other circumstances of the Qurbani ritual.

Payment is paid on the spot when registering, it is fixed costing 19,900 per goat. The weight of meat per package is 12 -14 KG, consisting of mutton legs – 2, mix boti (neck, breast, and shoulder), mince, back chop, front chop, liver – 1, kidney – 2, and trotters – 4.  This Qurbani meat will be delivered in an easy to carry, hygienic box. Another point to remember is that if an individual fails to pick up Qurbani meat on the given slot day and time, it will be distributed amongst the underprivileged.

From providing a great shopping experience to helping individuals perform religious practices such as Qurbani, Imtiaz Super Market is sure to lead the market this year with its Easy Qurbani Service – Jo Laye Faraiz Me Asani.

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