When luck knocks on your door, be the first one to open it!


What’s better than having a chance to win grand prizes and letting your luck unfold in a super amazing way? What could be better than participating and trying your luck then? When opportunities like these knock on your door, get ready to grasp the best! Imtiaz Mega Zamzama Shop, Save & Win brings you an exhilarating offer to win grand, magnificent prizes like Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Heavy Bikes, Play Stations, and much more! Shop for Rs. 10,000 and get a chance to be one of the lucky winners! Not only will it be exciting and fun to participate in the Grand Lucky Draw but your possibility to win would add more to the experience!

At Imtiaz, we believe in offering the best to our customers in all possible ways. With an aim of retaining customers for life and making them our loyal patrons, we strive to come up with exciting opportunities, so that they could make the best out of it.

Zamzama Store is an absolute solution fulfilling all your requirements. The innumerous notable brands, a wide range of grocery, edibles, and fashion wear will provide you a complete shopping experience that you are sure to love!  In addition to all of this, the price bracket that we are serving in is exceptional, fitting the pockets of the commonality. Our price range at Zamzama store is the same as the usual Imtiaz prices since we believe in serving with consistency. This outlet can be deemed as your go-to store for everything and anything! Also, to top the list is its spacious parking lot, where ease and convenience of parking are guaranteed!

So with these many perquisites, you should surely try your luck with Imtiaz Zamzama Grand Lucky Draw! Don’t miss the chance since the prizes are sure to leave you wonderstruck! 

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