Imtiaz believes in nurturing customer relationships hence, leaving no stone unturned in providing the best to its customers. Like many other cities, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Bahawalpur, Imtiaz stepped into another renowned city of Pakistan, that is Gujrat with its 20th store. Imtiaz Mega Gujrat is yet another store that was plotted to be launched for the convenience of its customer residing in Gujrat. With everything under one roof, like, grocery, frozen food, fresh items, apparel, makeup, electronics, and much more it is surely a one-stop solution fulfilling all the needs of the customers. As much as the citizens of Gujrat waited with avidity, Imtiaz Stores itself was keen to add another Mega store under the umbrella.

Therefore, on 6th January of 2022, our 20th store was launched in the city of Gujrat. Being a Mega store, it’s one spacious outlet which allows many customers to shop at once comfortably. Since it accommodates many categories under a single roof such as grocery, apparel, electronics, and many more. Moreover, a commodious parking lot allows for a hassle-free shopping spree. Imtiaz being the pioneer in the retail industry and a brand that is loved by many, strives day in and out to keep the level of offerings to its customers up to the mark. Correspondingly, Imtiaz Mega Gujrat follows the same principle, that is, to not just serve the customers, but delight them. With that intent, Imtiaz Mega Gujrat thrust in as many products and brands as it can so it could serve the purpose of being the complete shopping experience for all its customers. Customers will now be able to shop anything and everything without giving a second thought or roaming around because Imtiaz Mega is surely the right spot for all their needs and wants.

At the launch of our Gujrat store, we planned many exciting activities for the customers to double their joy and make their visit a memorable one. A countdown was done outside the store when the customers had all gathered together at the opening time, it added to the thrill with a confetti blast at the end of the countdown. After that, the customers were allowed into the store where we had another fun activity planned for them. We executed Spin & Win for the customers to grant them free shopping vouchers on purchase of Rs.25000. This was just to add to the excitement level of the people of Gujrat! Activities like these boost purchases, allowing the customer to shop as much as they want at incredible prices.

Imtiaz plays its role in providing opportunity, pushing the economic growth by offering job opportunities while fulfilling all their needs and wants simultaneously.

Lastly, this store is just a step forward towards the ultimate goal of serving the people endlessly, be it category-wise, unmatchable prices, local and international brands, authentic products, or the premium quality that it provides. There is quite a lot saved in the pipeline and Imtiaz will keep growing to serve better with the endless love and support from its customers.

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