lucky draw gujrat

The people of Gujrat are not just energetic but also lively and welcoming. Since our store opening in Gujrat we have received an amazing feedback from the customers here and we’ve loved them equally. To delight our customers in Gujrat, we’ve planned to celebrate and throw a wholesome event to show gratitude and invite more of the people of this city to our store.
Jashan-e-Gujrat, a fun filled campaign, where customers can win grand prizes like Gold coins, LED TVs, washing machines and more via lucky draw on shopping of just Rs. 10,000 is proving to be a massive attraction for our customers. Accompanied with exciting promotions that we’re offering here makes shopping on a budget possible for the citizens amidst this inflation.
Imtiaz has always been generous when it comes to giving back to the customers therefore we want to reward our Gujrat audience for not just giving us a warm welcome but also supporting us with full enthusiasm. With this ongoing event, we hope to see as many people from Gujrat and nearby areas to come as possible because we’re introducing them to a new kind of shopping experience where everything is under one roof, there variety, promotional offers, low prices, fine quality, innumerous local and international brands range and all and all, a convenient shopping experience.
Imtiaz aims to establish and strengthen its relationship with the customers in every possible way. Hereby putting all our efforts to drive satisfaction and contentment as customers shop with us. We hope that our upcoming projects and offerings will serve them in the best possible way!

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